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´╗┐East London In a move unprecedented in Border Blazer Women,Barbour Liberty,Blazer Primark Rugby Football Union (BRFU) history, a vote of no confidence was on Sunday passed in the current executive and its president Monwabisi Pink Sweaters Yako.

However, after the meeting Yako declared he was still the president and it would be business as usual on Monday.

When voting finally took place following protracted and, at times, heated debate on the legality of the vote of no confidence the motion was passed by a 42 to 16 majority.

The announcement, made by BRFU general manager Leon Botha, was met with applause at a packed Wedd Hall at the Basil Kenyon Stadium.

Directly afterwards, executive members Syd Laubscher, Fred Darke, Cliff Pringle, Nomfundisi Nyawombi and Garth Lowry made their way to the back of the hall.

It was an Barbour For Dogs acknowledgement that they agreed with the no confidence vote.

Yako, senior vice president Zola Yibe, Ivan Harry and Malusi Mavela however remained until Yako, who repeatedly asked those present to show where in the constitution the vote of T-Shirts Screen Printing no confidence clause was, declared his part in the meeting over.

This committee is to stay in place until next year annual meeting, but it unclear at this stage whether the proceeding was legal or not, and SA Rugby Union intervention or court action cannot be ruled out.

An upset Phumelele Hlati of Queenstown said the BRFU constitution had been violated while Yak , who made it clear the vote of no confidence was unconstitutional, said afterwards he and his executive would not be removed without a fight.

"As far as I concerned, I still the Border Rugby president and on Monday it will be business as usual. Nobody gave us a chance to explain our side of the story, but if they want to remove us they are welcome to get a court interdict," he said.

Yako alleged the motion to have him and his executive removed was orchestrated. However, Pringle disputed this, saying the people had spoken through their vote.

He also asked why the voting was allowed to continue and why executive members had voted. "Clearly, from the voting, people are not happy with the executive. That cannot be disputed."

"The interim committee believes in transparency and we will see to it that every allegation is investigated and the outcome passed on to the people." Pringle said a meeting would be held at the Basil Kenyon stadium on Monday morning to decide what issues needed to be addressed.

BRFU general manager Leon Botha said prior to notices being sent out, he had sought advice from the BRFU legal advisor, Graeme Bell, where it had been established that a vote of no confidence could be tabled and acted upon by the general council.

"But this didn mean it is compulsory for the executive to stand down." he said.

Botha said because of the two structures, he was in an awkward situation and would now have to obtain further legal advice.

The BRFU is in the midst of severe financial difficulties with a R3.5 million deficit incurred this year and much of the blame has been apportioned to Yako and his finance committee.

This, and added allegations of mismanagement, favouritism, misuse of vehicles Blazer To Wear With Jeans,Coats Moon Thread,Dress And Trainers and manipulation of staff members led to Sunday revolt.

There are also accusations that certain executive members were running the affairs of Border Rugby to their own benefit and were not transparent enough to even their own committee members.